The long break is over, back to work everyone!

I had a long and leisurely winter break from classes… but now I am gearing up for the winter quarter at Civic Arts and Lafayette Studio.
The last few days have been busy busy:  creating and updating curriculum, organizing supplies and ordering new stuff, plus getting art framed for a couple of shows coming up. It always amazes me how little I get done when I have a lot of time, and how much I get done whe the time is scarce and deadlines loom. (I remember my dad, a dental technician who ran his own business, explaining his experience of how work expands to fill the time allowed. A lot of work or a little, it seemed to fill the same number of hours… and he didn’t have the internet to blame!) Apparently it is universal, or is it that I inherited the ability to bend time?image
It is relatively temperate and quite beautiful today, and has been for much of the week. My daughter and I have had some nice long walks around Contra Loma Reservoir,

finally getting out and getting some exercise. We found some great views to paint, and some great sized pelicans to watch!

Antioch has a number of wonderful places for walking/hiking… this is an image I took while walking in the Dow Wetlands…


more beautiful places to paint!

Well, back to work getting ready; class begins tomorrow!

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