An enjoyable evening at Las Juntas Artist Association

This is me, demonstrating still life painting for a most gracious group of artists in Pleasant Hill, the Las Juntas Artist Association.

This is the second time I painted in front of this group… The first time, five years or so ago, I did an burnt umber underpainting and partial grisaille of a teapot in residence at St. Mark’s Church Center where they meet.

The painting has been kicking around my studio ever since, mocking me as an unfinished representation of a still life series I am slowly working on. Not having the actual teapot in my possession, I have been reluctant to work from the photo I took.

I brought this unfinished painting along, just in case the teapot had survived all of these years intact. I also brought a grisaille of a pear and cherries to lay color on, and a blank canvas and vase should I have no teapot set to work from.

Amazingly, the teapot still exists, along with its lil friend sugar pot! So I set them up, fixing the light and positioning as best as I could based on the painting, and used it for my demo:

I used the grisaille pear to demonstrate layering color over the gray

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