Work in Progress, continued

Yesterday was the final sitting with Lorraine… I will take the painting back to Antioch Atelier (the model sessions were held at Lafayette Studio), and finish it there. I have been mostly using Rublev paints from Natural Pigments, with the exception of Vermilion Extra by Old Holland and Ivory Black from Utrecht paint. Lots of … Read more

Friday Figure Drawing, portrait demo (unfinished)

model:  Chiyo Materials: Borden and Riley gray pastel paper, limited palette of white, yellow ochre, sanguine/red ochre, black: conte, charcoal and pastel Time: about 60 minutes Process:  1.Combination of gesture and blocking in values using vine charcoal, 20 minutes +-, 2. Hatching in colors, refining shapes and proportions, hair is black and sanguine, with white … Read more

Beautiful Autumn…

Tomorrow is the first day of autumn, although here in California it may be hard to believe! Coming off of a triple digit weekend, the forecast is for mid nineties through Sunday, and finally reaching some beautiful 80’s next week. Beautiful plein air weather is coming up…!    My house and studio will be undergoing transformation … Read more

A little time for a summer break…

I am beginning a 3 week break on Monday, at least a break from teaching! Getting bids and prepping my house to get it repainted (no, I am not painting it myself). By mid September I hope to have my lovely but disheveled bungalow tricked out in fresh color! Not only that, I am taking … Read more

A Week in the Life…

I thought I would share my demos and artworks created during a typical week in my classes and open studios…. Rough and unfinished! Monday afternoon at Lafayette Studio, Chasing Nicolaides…. Modelled drawing in ink.   Tuesday afternoon at Civic Arts, Painting the Still Life in Color and Light… Grisaille underpainting in chalk pastel   Tuesday … Read more